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Spain is in crisis, that's true, but like most European countries there is a light at the end of the tunnel.This, without doubt, is an internal  problem of the country and the Spanish people and can only be resolved from within.Having said that however, this situation can only  benefit the many buyers from countries in northern Europe who choose Spain's Costa Blanca.
Northern Europe is very large and the climatic conditions are nowhere near those of Spain. To compare the summer and the beaches like we know them, are two totally different things, almost non existent , and the same goes for the practice of outdoor sports during the winter, such as golf. So northern Europeans  tend to travel more than we do and, more often than not, head off to warmer climes.
After years of uncertainty and with much confusion about investing your hard earned money in Spain , it seems, now, that the northern European market has been reactivated and confidence is returning. . All this confusion has only helped lower prices in the housing market  to a realistic level and it is hard to believe that they can depreciate further, on the contrary , we should be careful ,as all  current indications point to prices gradually rising again.
RUSSIA , GERMANY, UK , FRANCE , HOLLAND, BELGIUM , SWEDEN , AUSTRIA , SWITZERLAND, DENMARK , FINLAND, NORWAY AND IRELAND have a population totalling more than 400 million, with many of these coming  over to enjoy the superb, all year round climate, seeking out  the fine white  beaches with  crystal waters or to relax and just take in the mediteranean sunshine or play golf all year round. Being realistic,Spain,on the Costa Blanca is perfectly located,not only geographically for it's unique micro climate, but also affording cheap and convenient daily flights to the airport of Alicante, in the worse case,still less than a 4 hour flight , (many of them just over 2 hours ) with amazing flight deals every day of the year. It's true that you could opt for other destinations, but Spain offers more. It is a modern country that offers everything found anywhere else in Europe being rich in customs, festivals and cuisine . Being a multi-cultural country located in the eurozone there shouldn't be a problem with languages.It's superb medical care and schools are reputed to be amongst  the highest standard in Europe. Everyone coming  from  these countries are made to feel welcome and treat Spain like their second home. Enjoy mixing with the locals in their favourite bar, pick up some useful spanish phrases, read  their newspapers,watch their own T.V, enjoy the variety of  food and drink, (some of the finest wines come from Spain) eat out at the reasonably priced restaurants etc. All of this apart from enjoying the sunshine and good weather, spending more time in the home and garden, eating out at restaurants, or getting together with friends to enjoy a round of golf at one of the many  courses close by. (Villamartin , Las Ramblas , Campoamor , Las Colinas , La Finca , La Marquesa to name a few, make Spain the perfect destination for holidays or all year round living.
Times have changed, certainly. Buying a home in another country is not a business . You don't do it to get rich. No. You do it to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Now that prices have leveled off  the buyer must buy when he can afford it. What happened a few years ago was that many  people bought without money,simply borrowing from the bank and thinking that this would turn them a profit , either by renting or selling a few years later.In many cases ,by not being able to keep up their payments and fees, they ended up losing  their home.
Buying on the Costa Blanca in places like Guardamar Del Segura, Torrevieja, Playas de Orihuela , Rojales , Ciudad Quesada, Cabo Roig or Campoamor today is very advantageous.There are many promotions of new luxury villas, with amazing finishes including swimming pools, nice views and at only three kilometres away from beaches, for the price of 180.000 €. Of course, you may find that hard to believe. However, it only  remains to mention that the UK market, in particular, has seen a surge in interest for buying abroad as we are already receiving  positive signs after the recent successful London Exhibition at Olympia (March 2014) .
All citizens of northern Europe who travel to or buy on the Costa Blanca are not fased by the crisis.They just come to Spain to enjoy our climate which is so similar to that of California.

23 May 2014
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Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca

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