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   ALICANTE PROVINCE                                                                                                                                                    I've been living in Spain now for a little over 27 years and the weather never ceases to amaze me.This morning i woke up at 7.30 am and looked out of my bedroom window , as i do almost every morning, and sure enough the sky was clear and the sun was slowly coming up over my olive plantation. It makes you feel alive and ready to face whatever the day has to offer.  The temperature today is expected to reach 27 degrees centigrade with light winds.Perfect for beach or sightseeing or simply relaxing outside a bar and enjoying your favorite tipple.

I have worked everyday,except Sundays ,in a job that is in my blood,selling property and moreover selling the quality of life that comes with living or simply holidaying in one of the finest countries in Europe for it's climate,lower cost of living and relaxed way of life.

The weather is the biggest draw for northern Europeans as they are almost guaranteed wall to wall sunshine 350 days of the year. I live in the southern part of the Costa Blanca just south of Alicante which boasts this amazing micro climate which no other part of Spain has and I believe that to be a fact. I, personally, have everything I need that would normally come from living in richer destinations of the world such as America's west coast but here we have our own little 'California' and much more affordable.

The temperature now ,as i'm writing, is 26c and it's 13.00hours,with a light breeze and a cloudless sky on the 6th June. Certainly very few regions in  the north of  Europe can boast such marvelous weather, even this close to summer.Other Mediterranean countries can equal our climate but with so much political unrest in many parts, Spain is still the number one destination.


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6 Jun 2014
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Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca

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