News: Buying a house or waiting? Is this the time to look ?

The eternal question of whether it is a good time to buy a home or is there a different answer to that offered so far? Manuel del Pozo , associate director of financial newspaper " Expansion " said that ,although there are obvious signs of a turnaround in the real estate sector, through increase in foreign demand, it is evident that this is fuelled by increasingly closed sales transactions by large investors buying up homes at attractive prices

 Manuel del Pozo says it is now time for the interested buyer to start looking  " or we miss the boat ." Although there is no domestic demand yet, there is an increasing demand from the Russian , Chinese, British, Belgian , French and Dutch markets.

 Another key factor that has come to light is a barrage of "vulture" funds that have been launched to buying property in Spain ." Waiting  too long is always a double-edged sword because a changing market is unpredictable," he added.

In terms of housing prices , nobody dares to predict its evolution but in view of it all, prospective buyers should now be selecting their second home as prices are about as low as they dare go. If you are reading this you must be interested in buying or seriously thinking about buying a  property.Check out the websites of real estate portals or you could miss out on that once in a  lifetime bargain!!!

12 May 2014
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Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca
Budget Priced Properties Costa Blanca

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